About Us

We offer our customers a focused selection of both sunglass and eyeglass lens options to reduce their eyewear costs while also maintaining a high level of quality. Exit Lens was established in January of 2017 by 2 industry veterans with nearly 60 years of combined experience. The journey into online optical sales began in September of 2017 with the support of both family and friends. Our small business seeks to provide affordable; quality sunglass and eyeglass lens replacement to all individuals at all income levels. We pride ourselves on offering the best options in polarized sunglass lenses and blue light filtering eyeglass lenses. Our customers are dynamic individuals that prefer quality over quantity and value a job well done just as we do. We invite you to check out our selection of lenses and see which style works best for your daily activities. It would be our pleasure to serve you as well as your family and friends. Word of mouth is the ultimate compliment and we value your support.


Mission Statement

The mission of Exit Lens is to provide high quality eyewear at an affordable, yet competitive price by focusing on the most desirable products; best suited for the activities that are enjoyed by our customers.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide high quality eyewear that is safe and affordable to dynamic individuals who participate in a variety of activities and seek high performance as well as style.


Core Values

Quality: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in all areas of our business operations.

Integrity: We have strong principles that are unwavering.

Commitment: We are dedicated to our customers and their needs.

Team Work: We have a mutual respect for one another, which is demonstrated through our efficiency.

Value: We feel our customers deserve eyewear that is top quality at an affordable price.

Openness: We are transparent in our business operations.

Humility: We consider everyone to be equal and deserving of great things.