Non Prescription Polarized Sun Lenses with Mirror

Color Options in Mirror: Each mirror color has 4 base color options. Please select the mirror color, then select the base color. 

What are the benefits of mirrored lenses? Aside from the cosmetic benefits of mirrored lenses, there really is a functional purpose to them. When you look at someone wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses, you see reflections from the front surface rather than their eyes.  This is because a higher percentage of the light hitting the lens is being reflected away instead of entering the wearer’s eyes.  This helps to reduce glare and light that passes through the lens. Another benefit of mirrored lenses is better visual clarity, with a percentage of light being reflected away from your eyes, by the mirror coating, you are left with optimal eye comfort and sun protection, while having a brighter field of vision.  

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